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Moaie Famkes


Moaie Famkes is all about admiration. Beautiful girls from inside and out.

The Instagram account Moaie Famkes (Beautiful Girls) started as a tool to promote the Frisian language. Soon this Instagram account grew out to be a big hit in The Netherlands. Today many girls dreams about getting their photo shared and become a Moai Famke.

After reaching 18.000 followers on Instagram Moaie Famkes decided to spread the love. Rulino brings Moaie Famkes clothing that is meant to give or get. A unique gift that will be appreciated forever.

Besides Instagram you can find Moaie Famkes on Facebook and Snapchat for the latest updates.


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Nice to give. Beautiful to get.

The official Moaie Famkes lightweight fitted sweater is a cool and comfortable sweater. You can wear it wherever you’d like. Whether you are relaxing at home or enjoying the weather outside.

The sweater is meant to give or get. Give it to someone you adore or admire. This can be your beloved, a friend or family member.

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Moai Famke Original Sweater

New in store!

The official Moaie Famkes t-shirt fits perfectly to your body. High quality cotton makes sure it looks good, and feels good! It is meant to give or get. Give it to someone you adore or admire.

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